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Novel Chirag E Darakhshan By Dua Fatima Complete Season 1 & 2

  Chirag E Darakhshan By Dua Fatima Complete Season 1 & 2

چراغ درخشاں از دعا فاطمہ 

"Come with us" He stepped forward and took her by the arms and pulled her up from the bed.

  "Where?"  Dua opened her mouth and started looking at them.  But they started dragging him outside without answering.

  "What? Leave me." Dua wanted to free his arms but his grip was strong.  They took him through various corridors and brought him to a room.  There were three other maids.  The two maids pushed Dua towards them.  And went back quietly.  Dua turned and stared at them.

  "Come this way."  When a maid grabbed his hand and spoke, he jerked his hand away.

  "What's up?"  he asked angrily.

  "Like you don't know."  The girl smiled meaningfully.  Dua's head froze.  Maria entered the room before she could scream.

  "It's not ready yet."  Maria stared at Dua.

  "Why am I ready?"  He folded his arms across his chest.  Maria was very upset by this.

  "Don't use your tongue in front of me. Just do what you are told. Otherwise you will have to be flogged," Maria said with a snort.  He also snorted.


TitleChiraag E Darkhashan By Dua Fatima
AuthorZubi Novel's ZOne
File TypePDF Format
File Size12.2MB

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