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Sitam Ki Zanjeer By Rimsha Hayat Complete Pdf Download

Novel Sitam Ki Zanjeer By Rimsha Hayat Complete Pdf Download

"Sardar Shujaat, ask us for something else in exchange for bloodshed. We can neither give you our daughter nor anyone's life."

In Jirga The harsh voice of Zarun, the leader of the other tribe, echoed.

Today Jirga was held between two clans and both were thirsty for each other's blood and people from both sides were sitting here. Today again an innocent person was going to be sacrificed.

It is surprising that such words are not embellished by the language of a tribal leader who has forgotten his traditions for the sake of his family.

"Your son has taken the life of our son on such a leader and blood is blood for blood and these traditions are going on. If you cannot give blood for blood, then think about what other option you have. If you love your son so much, then you will have to give your daughter to us.

After hearing all this, there was silence for some time.

"Okay, I am ready to marry my daughter." Zaroon looked at the person sitting on the right side of Shujaat.

"Then it is right, Maulvi Sahib, my brother's marriage should be started." Shujaat, who was also heard, said looking at his brother who was sitting on his left side, who was happily getting up and started to cry.

"Wah yes, I am going to get married. My brother is very good. He will bring me a beautiful bride." Shujaat's brother said in a loud voice and was also laughing, his mental balance was not right. And this was known to everyone in the village.

There was a smile on Shujaat's face, but everyone including Zaroon had a snake smell. He was thinking about something else.

She who was standing across the curtain listening to the decision of her life. Looking at the person jumping in front of her, she felt the life coming out of her feet. The person jumping in front of her was almost her father's age.

What was he being punished for?? Maybe to be a girl?? These questions were running in her mind that suddenly she felt her mind go numb and she fell from the same crash.

At the sound of its fall, the person sitting there on the right side of Sardar Shujaat joined his two hands together and endured the lava opening inside him. His eyes were red like blood. And there were cold expressions on the face.

"who are you?" Zara asked in surprise seeing Zohan standing in front of him.

"The one you got married to a little while ago."

Zohan said seriously, moving his steps towards Zara.

She had found this small room to sleep in, but what Zohan had come here to do, she did not know.

Zohan grabbed Zara's wrist and made her stand in front of him where the bandage was tied. Zara moaned in pain but Zohan did not let go of her hand and made her stand in front of him.

"Even if you have come as a single person, my marriage is with you."

Zohan added, looking at Zara's pale face, in meaningful words.

"Why are you so nervous? I am your husband, I have full rights over you and I have come to take that." Zuhan said in a deep tone, putting his hand behind Zara's ear.

The idol Bani Zohan was looking at. She did not pay attention to the name at the time of the marriage with whom she was getting married.

"Let me tell you a fact".

Zohan took both of Zara's hands behind her waist and held her with the other hand on her lips while she was completely in Zohan's custody.

"I am not the one with whom you are married

Zara had unsuccessfully tried to stop Zohan by shaking her head in the negative.

The tears were probably already ready to come out.

It would have been better if she had died, at least her honor would have been preserved.


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