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Giraftar E Ulfat By Rimsha Hayat

Giraftar E Ulfat By Rimsha Hayat 

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Jehanzeb Sir Aap..." The principal stood up as he saw the person standing in front of him in surprise.

Yes, I didn't want to come, but I had to come." His cold expression was indicating a danger.

Why did you come sir? Mom would have said to me.

"I had to come. My child was slapped. And I kept quiet.

Who dared to kill him?"

The principal's eyes widened on his roar and sweat shone on his forehead.

"Sis sir. How can this happen? How can someone kick Hadi?"

There is no time for idle talk. Call Hadi's teacher. Right now. Otherwise I will go to his class myself. Then don't say that the reputation of your school is getting damaged.

The principal's condition worsened at his disgusted and cold manner.

The principal gestured to the peon standing outside.

Be here in front of me in two minutes.

Now you just have to tell that it is the same teacher. "He sat Hadi on a chair. When there was a knock at the door. He turned and looked there with red eyes. Seeing the girl there, he had a blush on his forehead. And quickly towards her. His arm was stretched out.

Did you slap Hadi? He shook it.

What is this movement??? He was badly shaken.

Answer me girl."

Leave my arm. She shook her arm and said.

"No nonsense. Answer directly."

Jahanzeb sir please stop I am talking.

Shut up. No one will interrupt. He gave an angry look at the principal and asked him to sit with a finger.

"Leave your arm, Mr. Otherwise, my hand will rise."

Zarlash's self-control began to respond.

"You will raise your hands on me Jahanzeb." He said angrily and squeezed her arm so badly that she was moaning.

Raise your hand. Show courage. Then I will tell you about your times.

The principal felt that the matter was getting complicated.

I am in pain. She screamed in pain

My son had more than that. Come with me.

sir please Stop. Please sir. The principal came to him now but he pushed him away by slapping his hand on his chest.

Take the guard home.

The yellow color was faded.

Leave me, you bastard. She couldn't stop herself anymore.

The second mistake was yours. I don't forgive the first one and you have done the second one. Now you will not be saved."

He came out holding her by the arm.

The life of Zarlish came to the lips. A non-man had made a spectacle of his honor in front of the whole world. He was taking him from there.

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