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Dast E Ishqam By Rimsha Hayat Complete Pdf Download

Novel Dast E Ishqam By Rimsha Hayat Complete Pdf Download

I was waiting for you." Adeem said looking at Kunzil in a pleasant tone.

And took him by the arm and brought him close.

"Leave me you bastard..." Kinzel said pushing him back but his grip was strong.

"I have a surprise for you. If you survive, it's okay. Otherwise, your name will be written on your grave with mine."

Adeem said in a mysterious tone while leaning near Kunzil's ear and bit his earlobe with his teeth.

Kinzel was writhing in his grip in pain.

"My last touch is blessed."

Before she tried to understand what Aadim was saying, she pushed Kunzal towards the stairs.

Kunzal looked at Adeem with uncertainty in his eyes, who was standing smiling.

With a loud shriek, Kanzel tumbled down the stairs.

Adeem smiled and left.

While she cried bitterly.

When Ranam and Shaista heard the sound of Kunzil's screams, they ran out and seeing Kunzil lying down in a pool of blood, Shaista felt the ground giving out under her feet.

Her screams echoed in the house, but no one bothered to come and see. Adeem's heart inside was also restless for a moment. But it was his deception that compelled him.

Ranam agonized seeing her sister in pain. While the pain was too much for Shaista, she lost consciousness and fainted.

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